JET 6500 3D SPI3D SPI help to improve your solder paste printing process, reducing the assembly defect rate by 80%

JET 6500 3D SPI using the latest digital fringe projection technique.It use double-sided digital stripe light to obtain shadow-free projection.
It does 3D measurement for solder paste inspection and calculate the height,area and volume of the printed solder paste accurately,provide precise information for printing process tuning,and assure the quality of solder pastes.
2D and 3D images are provided for human retest

JET6500 3D SPI
The advanced dual light source inspection provides the highest solder paste reflectivity. For flaw detection,
The solder paste can be detected from all angles without shadows, and the thickness of the solder paste can be measured more accurately. There will be no misjudgment caused by the shadow effect caused by unilateral projection
JET 6500S SPI adopts stop-and-go imaging, dual-vector measurement light source without shadow interference, plus RGB color ring light and coaxial light source, can accurately measure the printing quality of various sheets.
After the introduction of JET 6500S, it can realize multi-machine control by one person, saving personnel allocation and reducing labor costs.
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