3D AOI latest optical inspection machine
2D+3D new detection method
JET's original 2D RGB+W inspection technology, combined with 3D SPI measurement technology, uses four-directional multi-frequency digital fringe light projection to eliminate the shadow effect
Full board 2D+3D optical inspection
Superior 3D inspection function,completely detect all kind of fault on the PCBA such as floating height of parts, IC lifting pin, empty welding, part body height inspection.etc., It exceeds the defect detection ability of traditional 2DAOI and reduces the false reject rate

JET 8000 3D AOI
Solve the problem of your parts tilting and height measurement
For years,ElectronicManufacturing have been using 2D AOI to detect defects on their product .But due to lacking of 3D information ,2D AOI have some blind-spots, It unable to detect some kind of defects such as chip component tilt , IC tilt, Connector tilt, small part missing or shifting ,IC pin lifting ….etc. Causing either fault skip or false reject frequently , so JET 8000 3D AOI is designed to overcome those problems mention above ,it does all the 3D measurement necessary with highly accuracy this achieves a move complete optical inspection than a 2D AOI does
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