Company Profile
Jet Technology, established in 1988, is one of the pioneering companies in Taiwan to design and manufacture In-Circuit Tester. (ICT.) Our R&D team has been devoted to ICT development and improvement to advance the ICT function, speed, and reliability so that the ICT is capable of helping the quality control of SMD production lines, improving the product yield rate, and thus, lowering the cost for customers.
Jet engages itself in providing the best test solution and helping customers to maximize their production performance, which bring close partnership between Jet and its esteemed customers. Ranging from SPI (Solder Paste Inspection system), Pre-reflow and post-reflow AOI (Automatic Optical Inspector), ICT, to ICT fixture and test probes, Jet is ready to offer comprehensive services and high quality product and be a one stop test equipment supplier for SMD PCBA manufacturers.
Jet also provides a series of RF impedance tester for PCB manufacturers, based on TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) technology. Again, Jet provides total solution for TDR Testing, ranging from meter, test systems (press type, in-line type, and flying probe type), to RF coaxial probe, sensor head protection device, SPC software, etc. Today, most of PCB manufacturers in Taiwan are adopting TDR test solution provided by Jet Technology.

Jet's spirit
Tip-top Technique
Jet's R&D engineering force always goes in the frontier of techniques. The test of wireless and high frequency applied material such as Blue Tooth, RF, IEEE1394 and DVI is the main directions in Jet's track.
Interactive Service
Interactive and in-time service provided for customers is the most important mission in Jet's philosophy. We have prompt maintenance service and periodical training courses for our customers around Taiwan. Beyond Taiwan, we have branch offices in Shenzhen and Shouzhou, agents in USA, Brazil, Spain, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore to offer the best service for customers.
Best quality
Quality is always our priority. Every step of the process of our products, from circuit design and parts procurement to product assembly and final quality inspection, is executed with careful consideration and planning. Under the principles of ISO9001, Jet's machine is approved the best quality testers all around.


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